• One of the most experienced organic residuals management companies in the United States with 20+ years operating in the organic waste industry.
  • A team of professionals that has successfully managed organic waste for the country's largest water and wastewater treatment facilities.
  • Expertise in residuals management solutions for industrial food processors.
  • More than one million tons of residuals processed per year.
  • A diverse portfolio of service offerings.
  • A track record of compliance, financial stability and safety superior in the industry.

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compost is created equal? Think again! For those in the North-East, WeCare Organics is the top resource for everything from engineered soils to compost . By following strict state and federal guidelines, WeCare Compost®is a unique and healthy combination of various organic residuals that your land will love. Whether you are responsible for a garden or just a landscaping guru interested in the latest soil innovations, it’s time you learned more about WeCare Compost®. 


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