Think all compost is created equal? Think again! For those in the North-East, WeCare Organics is the top resource for everything from engineered soils to compost . By following strict state and federal guidelines, WeCare Compost®is a unique and healthy combination of various organic residuals that your land will love. Whether you are responsible for a garden or just a landscaping guru interested in the latest soil innovations, it’s time you learned more about WeCare Compost®. 

Demand for non-hazardous liquid waste management services is growing, spurred by environmental regulation, landfill diversion, and waste-to-energy initiatives, with waste recovery a driving theme. Scarcity and demand for clean water have perpetuated an increasingly stringent regulatory environment with greater attention on wastewater discharges, positioning the industry for growth.

Check out Denali's Ryan Cerrato talking about our work with the USCC Seal of Testing Assurance program.  Denali Water is ALL-IN.

New 55,000 tons/year facility currently processes yard trimmings but is gradually incorporating commercial food waste.

Article by Craig Coker featured in BioCycle Magazine, October 2017.

Learn more about how NYC is leading the way into the "final recycling frontier." With input from WeCare Denali's own Brian Fleury, this article does a great job of explaining just how our everyday trash can be turned into treasure.

Want to find out more about how Denali Water Solutions play a part in recycling part of the 3 million tons of residential trash generated in New York City each year? 

Check out the link below to a 360° video about the largest residential organics collection program in the country.  

WeCare is a leader in managing solid separated organics or food waste being removed from municipal trash. WeCare works with many of the marquee cities in the northeast operating compost facilities and handling biosolids and greenwaste.  Coupled with Denali Water Solutions – with their operations on the west coast and southern United States - the combined company can service customer across the United States.  Further, the joined company has broad skills to meet the challenge of any wastewater or water treatment process to convert waste into products.