Merger of WeCare Organics with Denali Water Solutions

WeCare Organics has a long rich history of project development and organics management in the northeast United States.  WeCare pioneered lime stabilization technology constructing facilities and building a strong brand of compost, mulch and engineered soils.  WeCare is a leader in managing solid separated organics or food waste being removed from municipal trash.  WeCare works with many of the marquee cities in the northeast operating compost facilities and handling biosolids and greenwaste.  Coupled with Denali Water Solutions – with their operations on the west coast and southern United States - the combined company can service customer across the United States.  Further, the joined company has broad skills to meet the challenge of any wastewater or water treatment process to convert waste into products

Andy McNeill, the CEO of Denali said “ This merger brings together two great companies and truly positions the merged company for growth.  The combined team puts us in the pole position to provide innovative solutions around sustainable waste practices and waste conversion.  The future is bright.”  Jeff LeBlanc, the former CEO of WeCare and now the President of Denali North America commented that “the focus and structure of the combined entity will allow us the opportunity to strategically align with industry technology providers and play a pivotal role enacting change within the industry.”

The combined company will operate under the name Denali Water Solutions LLC and WeCare Denali LLC but will continue to promote their compost under the WeCare Organics brands.  Denali Water Solutions has offices in Los Angeles, New York, Arkansas, Texas, Alabama and Georgia.