A Letter to Our Customers, Regulatory Agencies, Communities, Employees, and Other Stakeholders

Water is precious.  Water is a finite resource.  At Denali Water Solutions, we believe that it is the collective responsibility of us all to protect the quality of water through recycling waste in ways that are sustainable, beneficial to the land, and reduce or eliminate the use of landfills.  Denali's vision is to meet this responsibility by offering innovative and economical solutions for the management, handling, disposal, and conversion of many types of organic waste materials.  

Denali's history dates back more than 20 years to the 1990s.  Denali has operated under various brand names in multiple markets across the country. We've grown both organically and through acquisition and take pride in having consistently maintained a leadership team made up of the best in the industry.  The team is made up of industry veterans that are active across the US in various industry associations.  Denali is a company that cherishes our customers and feels that our employees are the distinguishing factor that makes us the obvious choice in residuals management.

Additionally, Denali is proud to have an impeccable safety and environmental track record.  Our understanding of the importance of safety and regulatory compliance drives us to put a focus on these factors that contribute to the long-term sustainability of managing beneficial use programs, compost facilities, and waste-to-energy facilities. 

Today, we operate throughout the United States and have offices in California, New York, Massachusetts, Alabama, Texas, Georgia, and Arkansas.  We go-to-market as Denali Water Solutions, but we sell our converted products (e.g. compost, mulch) under the brand name WeCare Organics and various WeCare Compost® trademark names.

Because of our broad customer base, our team is exposed to and directly works with many different and competing technologies around organic residuals.  Given our deep strategic relationships with technology providers, engineers, construction companies, and equipment suppliers, Denali stands atop the industry in our ability to offer solutions that are specifically suited to the needs of each customer.

We appreciate you taking the time to learn about Denali Water and encourage you to contact our team to discuss how Denali can be your provider of choice.


Andy McNeill, CEO  &  Jeffrey LeBlanc, President, North America