Denali Water professionals have hundreds of years of combined experience in residuals management, organic compost, land application, transportation, environmental permitting, dredging, dewatering, Class A processing, lime stabilization, drying, gasification, thermal hydrolysis, and product marketing.

Our team members are involved in many industry associations, and we provide thought leadership around technology, sustainability, product conversion and economic solutions for our customer...Our team is top notch!

Executive Team

Andy McNeill

President & CEO

Rob Currey

Chief Financial Officer

Jeff LeBlanc

President, North America

Compliance, Safety & Environmental Team

Jimmy Mardis
Chief Compliance Officer
John Pipkin
Environmental Services Manager
Gabe Timby
Environmental Services Manager
Vanya Colburn
Environmental Compliance Manager
Billy Staton
Environmental Services Manager
Lauren Miller
Environmental Services Manager
Chris Marks
Environmental Services Manager
David Coyle
Environmental Services Manager
Will Hodges
Environmental Services Manager
Aaron Loyd
Land Manager
Leanne Hughes
Environmental Assistant
Peyton Golden
Environmental Assistant
Nick Thompson
Fleet & Compliance Manager
Clay Moore
Safety Coordinator
Allison Smith
Fleet & Compliance Administrator

Operations Team

Jason Golden
General Manager, Central & Southeast Regions
Randy Sollie
Senior Operations Manager
Jeff Thurber
General Manager, West Region

Human Resources Team

Lindsey Hill
Director of Human Resources
Danny Worsham
Driver Recruitment Manager
Kayla Fryar
Human Resources Generalist
Savannah Vire
Human Resources Generalist

Sales & Marketing Team

Anita Dean
Vice President, Sales & Development
Steve Hall
Vice President, Sales
Steve Davis
Manager, Sales
Michael Nicholson
Senior Vice President, Technology
Gary Emery
Manager, Sales
Ryan Cerrato
Director, Product Marketing
Emma Yates
Business Development Associate
Dan Lynch
Project Manager
Teresa Gallegos
Project Manager
Tom Jones
Chief Administrative Officer

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