Emma Yates

Business Development Associate
WeCare Organics (a Denali Water Solutions Product)

Emma joined Denali in 2017 after having a successful undergraduate career doing industry-specific work. While getting her Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science at Allegheny College, Emma worked on compost development projects such as Shadyside Worms, a small vermi-composting facility in Pittsburgh. Emma has been involved in other internships and projects such as interning as an Earth Team member at Natural Resources Conservation Services, Coordinator of the Green Workplace Challenge for Conservation Consultants Inc., and her Senior Thesis on ‘Rain Garden Suitability’ which made use of GIS.

Through her extensive time spent focusing on composting and other forms of sustainable development, Emma is working to manage and expand the WeCare Organics product line in the North-East Region. Emma believes that the productive utilization of biosolids is one of the most important aspects of today’s waste management strategies.  Emma is a former collegiate athlete who enjoys activities that allow her to be outside and active, whether it is hiking, running, or gardening.