Owen Sheehan

Operations Manager

Owen is serving at the Burlington County Co-Composting Facility in Burlington County, New Jersey. He has 24 years of experience in composting and biosolids facility management. Before joining Denali in 2016, Owen worked for WeCare Organics, LLC for six years. In his capacity as Operations Manager at Burlington County, Owen fulfills many roles such as:

    Overseeing the processing of 50,000 wet tons per year of biosolids.

    Overseeing the production and distribution of over 47,000 cubic yards of WeCare Compost per year to a variety of high end uses.

     Managing the day-to-day operations, maintenance and activities of an eight-man crew at the Co-Composting Facility.

•     Preparing all regulatory reports and correspondence for permits pertaining to biosolids, stormwater, air emissions, and distribution of finished product.

Owen is also responsible for all Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey projects for WeCare Organics. He serves as the point of contact for these clients and oversees the day-to-day operations and transportation.

Prior to joining WeCare in November 2010, he was responsible for a variety of land application projects, as well as plant operations in Delaware, Maryland, and New Jersey with Synagro Technologies.

From October 2008 - November 2010, he was the plant manager for City of Philadelphia Biosolids Recycling Center. He was also responsible for the dewatering and land management of 200,000 tons of biosolids each year, along with responsibilities for P&L, budgeting, operations, transportation, minority participation, monthly reporting, and interface with the client.

In 1994, Owen also directed the successful start-up and performance testing of the Bergen County Utility Authority’s $8 million Alkaline Stabilization Facility.

Prior to entering the biosolids environmental field in 1993, he held various production, maintenance, and safety managerial positions with Hills Brothers Coffee, Inc. and Tetley Inc. in Arizona and New Jersey.