Denali Technology Group leads the company in the development or acquisition of processes and systems for the purpose of sustainable waste organics recycling through the implementation of waste conversion technologies with a focus on resource conservation, carbon sequestration energy recovery and/or energy generation.

Each waste conversion system supplied by Denali is specifically designed, built and serviced on a case-by-case basis, providing each customer with a tailored solution to their needs.  

Alkaline Pasteurization

Systems for the conversion of biosolids utilizing alkaline and mineral products for the production of Class B and Exceptional Quality Products.




Systems for the conversion of organics including windrow, ASP and tunnel reactors and/or agitated bays to produce Exceptional Quality Products.




Systems for the conversion of organic waste into methane and Exceptional Quality Products.





Systems for the drying of municipal biosolids.





Systems for the conversion of organics into syngas producing renewable energy and biochar.

Material Handling

Systems for the grinding, shredding, and screening of organics to meet process and product specifications.

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