Denali Water Solutions is one of the largest providers of beneficial use in the United States.  Denali handles various organic waste streams including:

  • biosolids;
  • food processing DAF skimmings; and
  • pulp and paper residuals.  

Whether converting organic material to compost and organic products or land applying residuals as fertilizer, our team takes tremendous pride in Denali's outstanding environmental record and high-quality products.  We believe that record is a direct reflection of our value, process discipline, and culture. 





Denali works on tens of thousands of acres with farmers across the country to convert organic wastes to fertilizer through beneficial use.  We help to capture the value of nutrients contained in organic wastes to balance soil properties and optimize crop yield and health.  

The company operates compost facilities from coast to coast to convert organic wastes into Class A recycled products such as WeCare Compost®, WeCare Engineered Soils, and WeCare Roofmix.

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