Denali Water Solutions has the resources to provide a variety of dewatering solutions that fit the needs of our customers. Whether it's utilizing our fleet of mobile belt filter presses, one of our many centrifuges or providing another solution, such as geo-textile tube dewatering, Denali is ready to serve.  

Services can be provided on:

  • an on-going operation and maintenance basis;
  • a scheduled basis to clean out a digester, lagoon or waterway;
  • a rental basis; or 
  • on an emergency basis.

In each case, Denali has a highly seasoned team of industry veterans with decades of experience, including performing the largest biosolids geo-textile tube project ever performed in the US.

Mobile belt filter press performing municipal emergency dewatering services.

A dewatering event featuring five presses and operating 24 hours a day.

Construction of a large scale geo-textile tube dewatering system.

Have questions? Let our team of experts find solutions for you.